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Best Chartered Bus Tours in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia

Pro-Tran Luxury Motor Coaches is the premiere chartered bus company in the Maryland, DC and Virginia areas.  We’ve been in business since November 2003.  We provide motor coach transportation throughout the United States and Canada.

In 2008, Pro-Tran was selected as one of the ten innovative coach operators of the year by Metro magazine. We have one of the smallest fleets of any of the companies chosen.  At the time, we only had three coaches in our fleet while others had ten to twelve buses in their fleet. We’ve since added another coach for a total of four top of the line luxury motor coaches.

Our coaches are very luxurious.  We have hand-made custom leather seats, so it’s like riding first class in an airplane. There is wood grain around the speakers and on the arm rests. We have a galley in the back, DVD players, satellite radio, satellite television and very clean restrooms.

Passengers are kept comfortable with their own personal vents and reading lights.  Each of our buses has a center arm rest and an arm rest on the end of each seat.

We have five flat screen monitors in the main area of the coach.  Two in the back on one up front in the center.

Many of our clients have complimented on the comfort and luxury of the  motor coach, the drivers, the safety and say that they are anxious to come back.

One of the unique features we have is two forward facing monitors in the back.  Many people ask about why we have monitors that faces forward. The reason is because we do offer card tables and so the forward facing monitors are there so that players can still see the featured movie while still playing cards.  People say they’ve never had that option on any other charted bus tour.

If interested in booking a trip with Pro-Tran Luxury Motor Coaches they can contact us at 301-292-4848 or email us at info@protranluxurymotorcoaches.com or pro-tran@verizon.net. Or visit our website at http://ProTranLuxuryMotorCoaches.com or http://Professional-Transportation.com